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My story Perfect Peace appears in Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VII.

The anthology is currently on sale for 33% off, so this is a great time to pick up a copy!

Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VII

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My story “Dandelion Shine” appears in The Blinking Anthology (available for purchase in paperback or as a free download PDF) from Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine.

The Blinking Anthology showcases poetry and fiction from writers worldwide.

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My story Surveying the Land appears in the anthology Dark Pages from Blade Red Press.

A collection of stories to “delight and disturb”, I’m quite pleased that this story found a home there!

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My story Coming Home appears in Fictitious Force #6. Unfortunately, the Web site isn't updated :(
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My itty bitty flash piece Premonition appears in this month's issue of SHINE!
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My flash fiction story Zalophus Philospohy appears today in Every Day Fiction.
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My short story What We Give appears in Lost Innocence: A Niteblade Anthology.

The anthology is available in both .pdf and print (and looks wonderful ^_^).
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I just got back from Animethon, at which I had a wonderful time. It's also got me pondering a few things.

A while ago I started my second attempt at a story idea, as I've now combined it with another and thought I had enough to go with. I've been dragging my feet on it, whoever, as it's still not working. It's more than just not having a cealr story arc, though I'd love one of those, but it's just that the atmosphere isn't there yet.

Watching the shows this weekend, I had a thought (and I hope [ profile] zhan_shi gets a well deserved giggle out of it):

My story would work better as an anime.

It really would. So, now I have to try to decide what I should do with it. On the one hand, I could try nad get the same flavour from text, but on the other I could nag my artist friend and see if she'd been willing to try a mock up of a few pages.

I'm not sure which I'm going to choose yet, but I guess that means I need something else to work on in the meantime :P
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The flash fiction story The Hardest Thing has been published in the March issue of Long Story Short.
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The short story What We Give has been published in the March issue of Niteblade Magazine.

I've linked to the online version, but recommend buying the .pdf ($2.00), as the layout is wonderful, and ad-free.
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The flash fiction piece Devotion has been published in the October issue of the online journal SHINE!.


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