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This is Musky, an 8”x10” pencil drawing for a contributor to Sam’s Friends Art-for-Cats cat rescue fundraiser. The thing I love about pencil is how well it shows texture, jumping between the carpet of the cat-tree to the fur of the cat with ease.

That’s my diva ^_^

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I've noticed lately that I'm not really in the mood to go out and take pictures.

Yesterday I even took my camera with me while I was out and about, with the full intention of taking a picture for yesterday's Friday Photo. You know, the one that was never posted.

I didn't see anything I felt like taking a shot of. In fact, I didn't even take the camera out of my bag.

So, I've decided to put it on hiatus for a while. I kept it going for longer than I thought I would, so it's all right to take a break at this point, I think.
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Indoor Patio )

The patio-themed lounge where I work. For some reason, it amuses me.

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Far Away Farm )

The farm on the other side of the road. I wanted to use it, because I don't usually like how the sky turns out in my photos, but I do like this one.

I think I'm now done for Strawberry Creek photos for this year, though ^_^

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Barbwire and Birdhouse )

A birdhouse I found while walking along the fence at Strawberry Creek.

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The Old Inn )

An image combination from a picture I took of the door at Strawberry Creek, and of an interpreter at Fort Edmonton Park.

The idea was to create a D&D style inn image.

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I blame World of Warcraft.
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Inuksuk )

Another Strawberry Creek Lodge photo. The inuksuk stand at the top of the path which leads down to the creek.

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Crush the Sun )

Impulse shot, after taking a picutre of the sun through the tree.

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Strawberry Creek Lodge, Back Porch )

Strawberry Creek Lodge, from the lower back porch looking up.

The next few photos will probably come from the ones I took while I was there ^_^

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Backdated entry: I was away at my retreat this week, which means offline and unable to post.
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It's What I Do )

Another picture for an icon, though a new one instead of a replacement this time.

I don't really like it. For one thing, I set it up and took it in limited time, and for another, using my own hand limited the angles. I may try again if I can talk someone else into helping.

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Music )

Another for the icons. I'm not sure what I think of this one. I probably should have left myself a little more time to take it. Maybe then it would have blurred less ^_^

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I <3 Books )

Another in the icon series: the reading one this time.

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Oh the Many Books )

I've decided to try and replace some of my current icons with pictures I've taken. While I was setting up the stack of books for ones of them, I decided to turn the lights around and take a shot with the pattern from the backs landing on the books.

I won't be able to use this for the icon, since I tend to have trouble blending yellow and purple, but I loved the effect.

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Skyline )

Another Edmonton skyline shot. I think this is from the top of McDougall hill.

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Gallery Walk )

I did know the name of this when I took the pictures. I believe it's called McDougall Hill Gallery, but I can't be sure. I'll double check tomorrow ^_~

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No photo this week, because I was obsessively absorbed with getting a database imported into a new location. There were issues. Many issues.
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My computer is occupied with the backing up files in preparation for a reformat. Fun!

Yeah, no.


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