Me Jar #4

Jan. 1st, 2017 03:28 pm
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I usually reboot my Me Jar once I run out of a gem colour. This time, I let a few of them run out, as I really wanted to reboot it at the start of the year. So here’s my final jar for 2016.

Me Jar #4

Because I’d run out of colours, I fell out of the habit of putting the gems in at the end of the night. I’m hoping to restart that as well. I think I’m going to shift the colours up a little, as some of the things I was tracking became habit enough they were a given and don’t need a gem anymore.

Me Jar Count, with Cat

The tricky ones, such as getting up early and going to bed before midnight, I’m going to keep. I have to keep exercise in, as I’ve completely fallen off routine for that one. That still means I have some unused colours, though. I’ll have to think of new goals for those ones!

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I posted a link to this site with the first badge I claimed, but I felt like calling attention to it again :)

The Merit Badger blog has a wide variety of graphic badges to earn in the course of writing or reading (there’s some Halloween badges in there too). As a person motivated by game achievements, I love this. As you may have seen so far, I’ve claimed the badges for Feline “assistance” and Writing by Hand, among others. I’ll be grabbing a word count badge when I get this current draft done, and I think there’s even a NaNo one in there, which I haven’t claimed yet.

Unfortunately, the blog has been on hiatus for a while now, but the badges are still there, and I have a lot of catching up to do. Also, for anyone who feels like badge collecting and posting them, be sure to read the image guidelines. There’s a badge for that!

Wearing a merit badge

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As I posted, I’ve logged in for NaNoWriMo again this year. I wasn’t feeling it last year, but I still participated. When I was finished, I hoped I’d be looking forward to it again by this year.

I know that November 1st is coming up next week, but I find I’m more excited that people will be bringing their kids into the office to trick-or-treat on Friday than I am about starting NaNo on Sunday.

[ profile] rhondaparrish's post about that same lack of enthusiasm started me thinking. (Always dangerous, my brain hates me.) My first NaNo was in 2005. Somewhere around mid-month, I stopped writing. I had, however, taken a couple of months off work at the end of the month, and wrote the last half of the book in a couple of days.

It was insane, and so much fun that I was pumped for the next year. The next year, I decided to force myself to a less insane strategy, and tried to keep a more moderate pace. The year after that, I managed a huge start, and then tried to hit the 50,000 mark early in the month. The year after that… was the “meh” one.

I think last year was the first time since 2005 that I didn’t have an additional goal, and I’m starting to suspect that played a role in my lack of enthusiasm.

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