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As I said in my Camp NaNoWriMo post, this month I’m focusing on improving my plotting skills by using Camp to plot out three projects that have been languishing while waiting for me to do so.




Untitled Ghost Story


Stretch Goals!

If I happen to make better progress than I expect, I’ll add a few projects.



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I hate plotting. Haaaaaaate it.

However, last NaNo showed me that the inefficiencies in my pantsing method don’t work for me anymore, either. The combination has been frustrating.

Last year I found the Snowflake Method, which looks like it might work for me. I replotted one book last year, and made plans to two others, as well as a few new ideas. All of those are still sitting in my “to do” pile.

So, for Camp NaNo this year, I’ve decided work on that weakness in my process. I am going to spend this month figuring this plotting thing out, finally getting those projects ready.


I’ve decided to break the Snowflake Method up, and assign each piece a percentage of the total project. By the end, if I succeed at my goal, I’ll have three books plotted all the way through the scene breakdowns. On the off change I finish early, I’ll add another one.

Honestly though, with my track record, this is a daunting challenge. For the first time in a while, I’m a little worried about meeting my NaNo goal.

That’s kind of fun.

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I’ve finished Camp NaNoWriMo, and very glad to have it over with. As much as I usually enjoy these, I just found this one frustrating. Tracking a project by hours was painful more than motivational.

It’s funny, when I chose this method, I remember thinking “It’ll be like doing NaNoEdMo.” I remembered that I’d participated in that for two years. I remembered that after those two years, I’d never done it again. It probably should have occurred to me to look back at why that was.

I posted this  blog entry near the end of my last NaNoEdMo in 2008, and it’s almost exactly what I feel like posting for this year:

There was something about having those fifty hours grinding away in the background that prevented me from fully engaging with the work. In the end, I did feel like I was merely putting in the time, not the effort.

Hours as a counter completely does not work for me, and apparently it’s been that way for at least six years. Hopefully my future self will remember this, and come up with something better.

I’ve had some good suggestions for using chapters, or percentages, and things when doing editing. Which means I should probably have a more coherent draft than I started with this year. That should also be one of my requirements: draft must be complete :)

I’m going to continue to think about a method for tracking editing, though, as I think it’s an excellent way to spend a camp. Until then, this year is done.



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I hadn’t planned on doing any of the camps this year. I let the April one go by, and was preparing to do the same for July when something on one of the sites I followed reminded me that the Camp allow for alternate projects. One of those is editing, which is what I wanted to be working on for this month. My goal is going to be 50 hours of active editing.

So once again, I’ve been drawn into a camp when I thought I was going to sit this one out :)

Camp NaNoWriMo Participant 2014

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Last year, after doing both Camp NaNos back to back followed by NaNo prime, I suffered from NaNo burn out. I decided I would stop participating in the camps, to avoid that this year.

Then they went and not only moved it to April, but introduced flexible word counts.

So… I’m signed up.

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013

I’m still trying to finish the project I started in August last year. Over the past months, I’ve gone through the existing content and cut out anything I can no longer use. (Even when I plot, I change my mind about things part way through a draft, which can lead to a lot of lost content.)

It was an interesting experience, and my total word count went from 102,575 to 69,642. I didn’t lose enough to count for an entire NaNo session, but it was still a significant chunk. I’m hoping to avoid losing quite as much this time, though I’ve set a conservative word count to make this camp lower stress.
It will be interesting to see if that makes a difference, or if I’ll just have the same lose spread out over a longer period of time :)

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I realized that I’ve done NaNo since discovering the Merit Badger, but forgot to claim that badge, so I’m grabbing it now :)

On top of that, however, I’ve finished the first draft of this novel. For camp this year, I was a rebel, as I wasn’t doing a brand new idea. In fact, this idea was also the one I used for my very first NaNoWriMo in 2005.

All that survive from the first attempt were two plot points, and the two characters most closely tied to them. I have changed the location, dropped characters, merged characters, added scenes, and stripped them out. It’s been an interesting experience as far as editing and plotting goes, and in understanding my own approach to the process. In some ways, my stubborn nature is a detriment, especially when it comes to hanging onto pieces that need to go.

But this time I’ve cleared those out and I have a story that works. The pieces are there, and now I can work on moving them around and polishing them up. It’s nice to be able to say I’m done my final first draft for this piece :)

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I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month, and have plans to participate in the August one as well. When I get this close to the end, I tend to hit a “whatever gets the words in” point that promises lots of editing in my future. I think that alone could earn me the Gibberish Merit Badge.

Merit Badge: Gibberish

However, this month I’ve been writing using my Echo Pen as well as the computer. While I prefer to go over what’s transcribe from the pen right away, this time I’ve been leaving those sections as they are for the most part. It’s going to lead to even more interesting editing than usual.

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